Our HVAC Services In Edmonton, AB

Our HVAC Services in Edmonton, AB and Surrounding Areas

Air Conditioner Installation

If you are having trouble with those uncomfortable days, sleepless nights, an air conditioner installation will be the solution you’ve been dreaming about in the heat of the night. Installing a central air conditioner can also help improve the general air quality in your home, reducing airborne particles that may cause health issues, such as asthma, chronic headaches, and other allergy symptom. Central air conditioners can provide relief for a building’s occupants all summer long, by filtering the air to reduce contaminants, lower humidity, and generally keep the temperature cool. If you need a brand new or replacement air conditioner installed, contact us and get your free estimate on a new cooling system.

Furnace Installation

It’s about time to invest in a furnace for your home. Here are a few signals that your home needs a furnace replacement:

  • You’re frequently calling for furnace repairs
  • Old age furnaces older than 12 years may operate very inefficiently
  • No maintenance voids the warranty and leads to serious and costly problems
  • High energy bills old equipment may be wasting up to 40 cents on every dollar you spend to warm your home.
Our Trust Home Comfort LTD Advisor make finding the best furnace for your home easy, and we’ll install it for you.

Tune-up / Maintenance

Your furnace, air conditioner or water heater always seems to fail in the middle of a bitterly cold winter or hot summer heat wave. Now you do not want to let HVAC repairs go for too long without fixing and repairing them. Unless you like high energy bills and large repair invoices. Air conditioning and heating system repairs can be avoided in most cases for home owners with annually tune-up/maintenance.


No heat or no cooling? It is frustrating to find the right company for a job. We want to help you. Experience how easy it is to hire safe, quality professionals to solve all your needs for heating & cooling repair, heat, air conditioning, and hot water.

Water Heater Installation

Does your water heater leave standing puddles of water around its base? Have you noticed that your showers haven’t been as hot as usual? If any of the above signs sound familiar, it’s time to call us. Without a properly functioning water heater, not only will your showers not be as satisfying, but your clothes and dishes won’t be properly cleaned and sanitized. Your hot water heater supplies warm water for bathing but also to your appliances, so when it’s not working right, your whole household can suffer.

And more!

  • Garage Heater Installation
  • Duct Work
  • Accessories
    (Thermostats, Humidifiers, Air Filters)

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