How Does Ductless Air Conditioning Work?

In recent years, ductless air conditioning systems have been growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional central air conditioning systems. Not only are they more energy-efficient and cost-effective, but they also offer greater flexibility and convenience in terms of installation and operation. If you’re considering a ductless air conditioning system for your home or office, contact Trust Home Comfort LTD to know more about ductless AC installation in Edmonton, AB, and surrounding areas.

We’ll explore how ductless air conditioning works and its benefits.

Components of A Ductless Air Conditioning System

A ductless air conditioning system consists of three primary components:

  • An outdoor unit that contains the compressor and condenser.
  • An indoor unit that contains the evaporator and air handler.
  • A conduit that connects indoor and outdoor units and houses the refrigerant tubing, power cables, and condensate drain line

How Ductless Air Conditioning Works?

  • Cooling Mode:
    The outdoor unit pumps refrigerant to the indoor unit through the conduit. The refrigerant flows through the evaporator, absorbing heat from the room’s warm air and turning it into a gas. The air handler blows cool air back into the room while the refrigerant returns to the outdoor unit and releases the absorbed heat.

  • Heating Mode:
    Ductless air conditioning systems can also provide heating. When switched to heating mode, the outdoor unit extracts heat from the outdoor air and pumps it to the indoor unit. The refrigerant flows through the evaporator, releasing heat into the room, while the air handler blows warm air back into the space.

Benefits Of Ductless Air Conditioning

  • Zoned Cooling:
    Ductless air conditioning allows for zoned cooling, meaning each indoor unit can be controlled independently. This makes it possible to maintain different temperatures in different rooms, optimizing comfort levels and reducing energy waste.

  • Energy Efficiency:
    Traditional central air conditioning systems can be inefficient due to ductwork losses and the need to completely cool the entire building. Ductless systems eliminate the need for ducts, reducing energy loss and allowing for targeted cooling. Additionally, ductless systems often have advanced features like programmable thermostats and motion sensors that optimize energy use.

  • Easy Installation:
    Ductless AC systems are easier to install than traditional central air conditioning systems requiring extensive ductwork. The indoor and outdoor units are connected by a conduit that can be easily installed through a small hole in the wall. This makes ductless systems a great option for retrofitting older homes or for new construction where ductwork may be difficult or impossible to install.

  • Quiet Operation:
    Ductless air conditioning systems are known for their quiet operation. The outdoor unit can be installed up to 50 feet away from the indoor unit, reducing noise levels in the living space. Additionally, the indoor units operate at a low decibel level, making them ideal for bedrooms and other quiet spaces.

Ductless air conditioning systems offer a flexible, energy-efficient alternative to traditional central air conditioning systems. By providing zoned cooling capabilities and easy installation, ductless systems can help reduce energy waste and optimize comfort levels in homes and buildings of all sizes.

Ductless AC Installation Services At Trust Home Comfort LTD

Trust Home Comfort LTD offers professional ductless AC installation in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our technicians can install the components of your system quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you get maximum performance from your air conditioning system. We also provide maintenance and repair services to keep your system running smoothly. Trust Home Comfort LTD has the expertise to help you find the perfect solution for your home cooling needs.

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