Ductless AC Installation Edmonton, AB


A ductless AC installation in Edmonton, AB, is one of the simplest and most energy-efficient ways to make your home comfortable in the summer season if the ducts need extensive repair and you want to replace the central AC system in your home.

A ductless mini-split can be added to practically any room because no ductwork needs to be installed, and all that is needed is a 4-inch opening to run the refrigerant and electrical lines through.

Homeowners Must Be Aware Of Certain Aspects Before Installing Ductless AC Installation

Before scheduling a ductless AC installation in Edmonton, AB with our technician, there are some things to consider. 

  • Size Or BTU Output: Its BTU output or ability to cool determines how big the mini-split AC unit is. Our professional can help you size the unit appropriately to meet the requirements of the house. In smaller spaces, a less powerful unit is effective. Homes with inadequate insulation or high ceilings need systems with greater BTU.
  • Number Of Blower Units: It would help to consider how many units your home needs to cool the area evenly. Consider whether each room needs an individual blower or if putting in three or two indoor units can ensure adequate cooling. Talk to a professional for help in figuring out the proper number of blower units to ensure the greatest satisfaction and savings on energy.
  • The Energy Efficiency Of The Unit: Take note of the SEER rating of this mini-split AC system before installation. A higher SEER rating leads to higher efficiency in energy use and a lower carbon footprint but increases the system’s price.
  • Indoor And Outdoor Unit Location: Another important decision that the homeowner needs to take before scheduling ductless AC installation in Edmonton, AB is where to set the cooling units to maximize their effectiveness. Select a place that allows for the best air circulation.

Install an indoor unit eight to ten feet above the floor while ensuring cleaning access. Ensure to avoid placing the blower near an energy source. Place the unit outside in an open area where no obstruction would hinder the heat radiating through the condenser.

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Factors Affecting A Ductless Installation Time

Here are the main factors that affect the time required to install ductless air conditioners.

  • The Location Or Position Of The Unit: The position of the air conditioner is important in estimating the time to install it, especially for an outdoor unit. There are outdoor units that are located in areas where access is difficult. Installers face many difficulties accessing those areas, and it takes considerable time to move during installation.

  • The Distance Between The Outdoor And Indoor Unit: Our installers prefer to install a back-to-back setup; this installation type requires minimal pipework and is the easiest to set up. The greater the space between the outdoor and indoor parts of the unit used for air conditioning, the longer the installation time.

  • The Skills Of The Installers: Our expertly trained air conditioner installers understand the right sequence for an easy installation. The less skilled installers could fumble the procedure and frequently double-handle the same task. Therefore, they typically take longer to complete the installation.

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