Cold Climate Heat Pump

Cold Climate Heat Pump In Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, AB and Surrounding Areas

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This is why homeowners are choosing heat pumps.

  • The Greener Homes Rebate: Upgrade the heating and cooling system in your home while enjoying the benefits at an incredible value.
  • Great for the Environment: Lessen your carbon footprint, and join millions of others by contributing to a healthier planet,  all while enjoying the comfort the heat pump provides right from your own home.
  • Energy Costs and Consumption: Lower energy usage = higher savings on your energy bills.
  • Provides both heating and cooling: A Heat Pump draws in the warmth from outside during the cooler months to maintain the heat inside your home, as well as blocking the heat to enter your home in those hot months. It is both a heating and cooling system.

Heat pumps are a quiet, and eco friendly cooling and heating solution for your home.
They provide comfort and climate control throughout the year.

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